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ProBio Carbon Products are available to the UK and EU; products sold by Bonsai4me.com/shop are distributed into the EU from Ireland.

The Danu solution is mixed with water and sprayed onto the surface of the soil of your bonsai in Spring. The positive bacteria within the Danu then populates the soil structure and provides the rootball of our bonsai with the best possible environment within which to grow. The results we have seen so far include very even balanced growth throughout each tree, noticeable improved backbudding and ramification, and general plant health.

Dilute 250 mls into 5-10 litres of water. Apply directly to the root using a watering can, sprayer or submerge immediately.

1x 250ml bottle is sufficient to dose 100-150 trees when sprayed onto the soil surface.

Store this product in a refrigerator below 4C and use within 1 month of opening.

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TAKEN FROM "Probio Carbon Bonsai Products- their use and application" leaflet by Graham Morris, Mark and Rita Cooper.

"Danú’ was developed to promote plant health, immunity to disease and resistance to insect attack without excessive
growth. Experience has shown that it can promote back budding even in Japanese White Pines (which are usually

reluctant to do so), and shorter internodes in some deciduous species.

Danú’ is supplied in two formulations: liquid and dry. Originally Danú’ was developed in the liquid formulation.

Because it contained an unstable bacterium, Rhizobia, as well as the more stable Bacillus subtilis, and Pseudomonas

fluorescence, it was difficult to export outside the EU. Latterly it has become easier to ship liquids plus a dry more

stable form has been developed to overcome any possible limitations. Consequently, it can now be shipped around

the world. The advantage of liquid Danú is that the bacteria is already active and colonises the root ball on immediate

contact. However, being a ‘live’ product, it must be used immediately after opening the bottle.

The optimum time to use Danú is at the repotting stage, however it can be applied at any time, but ideally in spring.

It can also be used in late summer too, as a booster before the onset of winter. Some hobbyists also choose to give a

mid-season boost, making a total of three applications over the growing season.

An advantage of the dry Danú product is that it’s more stable and can be used up to 12 months after opening when

stored correctly. This allows more flexibility when using it at repotting time as not all bonsai require repotting at the

same time as the dry product can be used over an extended period after opening. It does however take a little longer

to activate the bacteria and to populate the root ball, and bacterial cell numbers are lower per pack than the liquid


A good strategy is to use dry Danú (maximum flexibility) at the repotting stage and the liquid Danú in late summer

as a booster when repotting is not required.

Storage of liquid Danú’

On receipt of liquid Danú’ it should be stored at approx. 4 ºC, preferably in a refrigerator. It ideally should be used

within 4 months from the date of manufacture, expiry being 6 months. It should all be used within one week of

opening when stored correctly, preferably immediately.

Dilution and Application of the liquid Danú’

To avoid over dilution of the bacteria, it is recommended that this product, supplied as a 250 ml bottle, is diluted

to between 5 and 10 litres with water. Many hobbyists prefer to use at the lower dilution rate by diluting one 250ml

bottle to 5 litres i.e., add the bottle’s contents to 4750ml water and mix thoroughly.

The Danú solution can be applied as a root drench using a watering can with a fine rose, but this can be a little

wasteful. Some hobbyists prefer the more economical method of using a pressure sprayer and apply the solution

directly onto the entire root surface of the bonsai.

Alternatively, the bonsai can be dunked in a bath of the solution until saturated and then allow it to drain back into

the bath. To avoid cross contamination do not use the dunking method if applying to any diseased trees.

Link to the application and benefits of liquid Danú:

Storage of dry Danú

This product has been developed to increase the stability of the Rhizobia component of Danú’. The three bacteria

are inoculated onto a substrate mixture of Peat, coir, wood biochar and seaweed and allowed to dehydrate.

It should be stored in a dry, cool place or refrigerator ideally at approx. 4 ºC. Unlike the liquid form it has a much

longer shelf life and can be used up to 12 months from of its date of manufacture after opening, if stored correctly.

Application of dry Danú’

This product comes in a dry powder/fibrous form and is sprinkled evenly over the surface roots of the bonsai.

The bonsai is then watered evenly, but gently to rehydrate and activate the dry Danú’, thus allowing it to penetrate

the root ball."

Link to the application of dried Danú’:

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