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Foundations Of Bonsai and Bonsai Inspirations 2 combined. 15% discount

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15% discount off the cover prices of 'The Foundations Of Bonsai 2nd Edition' and 'Bonsai Inspirations 2 2nd Edition' when both books are bought together. A saving of £6.89 off the RRP of £45.90

"The Foundations Of Bonsai" has been written as a guide to good bonsai practices, for those new to bonsai but also those that require an update to their existing care and maintenance regimes.
'Bonsai Inspirations 2 2nd Edition' is a more advanced book that delves into more advanced level bonsai practice, such as field-growing, airlayering, carving and design. The progression series within it cover the journey of a number of bonsai over the course of a decade or even longer, showing how they have been developed from very basic material.

Published by Bonsai4me.com and B4MePublishing
2x Paperbacks: full colour pages, glossy paper
Dimensions of each book: 280mm x 221mm
ISBN 978-953-56515-5-0 ISBN and ISBN: 978-953-56515-3-6
Just GBP£39.01 (compared to £45.90 when purchased separately)
All copies are signed by the author.

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