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General Bonsai soil mix. Akadama 30% / Pumice (BIMS) 30% / Lava 30% Zeolite 10% 4.5-5mm MEDIUM 1 litre ​IDEAL FOR YOUR FIRST BONSAI!

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SIEVED SUBSTRATE MIX Akadama 30% / Pumice (BIMS) 30% / Lava 30% Zeolite 10% 4.5-5mm MEDIUM SIZED GRAINS

This is an excellent professional-grade all-round bonsai soil mix for bonsai with a balanced composition, to sustain advanced structure.

These small 1 litre resealable packets are ideal for those only wishing to repot 1-2 small bonsai. IDEAL FOR YOUR FIRST BONSAI!

Can be used straight from the bag. No need for sieving.

This mix is suitable for all species, particularly those requiring a fast draining soil, such as coniferous species such as junipers and pines.

Approx 0.7kg/1 litre bags

Ready to use straight from the pack.

If you are buying soil for your first bonsai, consider also purchasing "The Foundations of Bonsai", my complete guide to keeping your bonsai alive and well, based on over 25 years experience!

For the best possible recovery for your tree after repotting, I advise using a few pellets of Rootboost from Oceana. A mild fertiliser that encourages very strong root development.

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