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Picea glehnii/Ezo Spruce bonsai

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The King of Spruce! Picea glehnii/Ezo Spruce bonsai is a very much sought after and rare species for bonsai. It is the best and most commonly trained spruce for bonsai in Japan, featuring deep green mature foliage and luminous green new growth. It features very small, compact needles and growth.

Images updated April 2024.

This individual is one of 4 that were purchased by an enthusiast in 2015 with the original intention of creating a group planting. The trees have since been left as individuals and allowed to grow freely to thicken up the trunks and become very vigorous.

At a height of 24"/61cm, there are a huge number of branches ready for immediate styling and will make a high-quality individual specimen once the branches have been wired and down-swept into position.

Each of the 4 trees, including this one, has a very healthy rootball that had roots growing out of the bottom of their pot. I have slip-potted each tree to introduce a high-quality mix of Ibuki soil, chopped bark and activated charcoal. The trees can be safely moved to a bonsai pot in Spring 2023 or August 2023.

As with all bonsai available on the bonsai4me.com/shop, this tree has been treated with Danu from ProBio Carbon to encourage disease resistance and bushier, better distributed growth habit.

Features a good quality base/nebari.

Current height 24"/61cm
Planted in a 11"/28 cm dia training pot.

Price: just £525 to customers in the UK only. Please note I cannot export live plants outside the UK. These trees can be secured by 30% deposit. Please e-mail [email protected].

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