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Pinus thunbergii/Japanese Black Pine Starter Bonsai

JBP3 101
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Pinus thunbergii/Japanese Black Pine Starter Bonsai. Started from seed 4 years ago. These saplings are very well prepared having good nebari preparation, some lower trunk movement and lower branch options for the future.

This particular JBP has had movement wired into its lower trunk last Summer and the wire will need to be removed by around June 2024. The upper shoots are being allowed to extend to thicken up the base of the tree while lower shoots have been kept for the tree to be cut back to one day.

These trees can either be developed into small 4"-8" tall bonsai (mame and shohin size) or allowed to grow-out to thicken the trunk for a taller bonsai. Allowing the top of the tree to extend freely to help thicken the trunk while developing the lower trunk and branches as a bonsai is a great way of mixing both approaches!

If you are going to start bonsai, make your journey much easier and more positive with a healthy tree that has been set up properly.

Excellent quality starter bonsai that is being sold here as an alternative to typical imported bonsai that are planted in very poor quality soil and often due to root failure. This tree is very healthy, has a vigorous root system and simply needs placing outdoors (year round) and watering in a regular basis.

The tree that you see here is the actual tree you will receive.

Price: just £40 to customers in the UK only. Please note I cannot export live plants outside the UK.

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