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ProBio Carbon/Danu Products

ProBio Carbon products are developed in Ireland by Dr Karen O'Hanlon, a micro-biologist specializing in Agriculture.
Dr O'Hanlon has isolated bacteria that when applied to our trees, help our bonsai fight disease and encourages strong bushy growth. These naturally-occurring 'good' bacteria are preferable to the use of chemicals and are entirely harmless.

ProBio Carbon Products are available to the EU; products sold by Bonsai4me.com/shop are distributed into the EU from Ireland.

The principal product is Danu; it is mixed with water and sprayed onto the surface of the soil in Spring. The positive bacteria within the Danu then populates the soil structure and provides the rootball of our bonsai with the best possible environment within which to grow. The results we have seen so far include very even balanced growth throughout each tree, noticeable improved backbudding and ramification, and general plant health. For more details please see the Danu listing.

Maru is a foliar version of Danu and is sprayed onto the leaves or needles of our bonsai where it is very effective in tackling 'bad' bacteria and fungal attack such as Elm Gall, Olive Knot, Mildew and Rusts, it also seems to reduce Needle Cast in Pines. A very useful natural product for providing disease resistance in our bonsai, without using chemicals that will strip all bacteria (good and bad) from the leaves. During the growing season, Maru is best sprayed fortnightly on problematic trees.

Mara is a high-quality seaweed enhanced with live bacteria that can be applied to the soil or used as a foliar feed. The positive benefits of the use of seaweed as a fertilizer are well-documented and it is an essential part of any feeding regime.

Biochar is an activated charcoal that continually 'cleans' the soil-mass and locks up potentially poisonous levels of chemicals, keeping the soil 'sweet' and healthy. Activated Charcoal aids the build-up of mycelium in the rootmass. Additionally, BioChar has been enhanced with ProBio bacteria.

Iasc A new product developed in autumn 2021. Probio Iasc Enhanced Fish Emulsion Fertilizer is a fish extract based fertiliser containing 3.5% nitrogen (0.5% insoluble), available phosphate 2% and soluble potash 1.5%. Also contains biochar extract to increase the organic matter, cationic exchange capacity and microbial activity in the soil. Promotes strong and vigorous growth. A quick fertilizing nutrient fix for hungry trees.

Dry Danu (UK, EU and United States) This product contains dried Danu in a form that ensures a long shelf life and allows its export outside of the UK and the EU.

ProBio Carbon Buckets; these contain a range of products including Danu, Maru, Mara and activated charcoal. Released in the Spring and intended to give full enhancement and protection of your bonsai for the entire growing season.