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SOLD Prunus spinosa/Blackthorn yamadori bonsai

Bla 271
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Prunus spinosa/Blackthorn bonsai for sale. Blackthorn are commonly displayed with relatively thin trunks but good movement, this collected Blackthorn is no exception! Huge amounts of movement on a 1" diameter trunk with mature fissured bark. The tree should flower in the coming weeks (early April).

There are wire marks on 3 of the branches hence the relatively low asking price. These could be cut away, however, they will heal over within 2-3 years.

Would benefit from some pruning and possibly detail wiring to look its absolute best.

As with all bonsai available on the bonsai4me.com/shop, this tree has been treated with Danu from ProBio Carbon to encourage disease resistance and bushier, better distributed growth habit.

Current height of actual tree 20"/50cm

Price: just £185.00 to customers in the UK only. Please note I cannot export live plants outside the UK. These trees can be secured by 30% deposit. Please e-mail [email protected].

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