Podocarpus macrophyllus/ Bhuddist Pine or Chinese Yew Bonsai



Podocarpus macrophyllus/ Bhuddist Pine or Chinese Yew Bonsai

Podocarpus macrophyllus is a dioecious, slow-growing, evergreen conifer with a dense, upright habit native to China and Japan. It has yew-like dark green foliage to 6cm that gives it its common name ‘Chinese Yew’. Dwarf cultivators are now available with shorter needles though these are also very slow growing.


POSITION: Podocarpus can survive in poor light but prefers full light out of the mid-day sun in Summer. Prefers temperatures above 10°C but will survive light frosts. Can be grown indoors in a well-lit position during the Winter.

FEEDING: Every two weeks throughout Spring to Autumn; when indoors during the Winter, feed every four weeks. Likes slightly acidic soil so should be fed occasional doses of Miracid or similar.

REPOTTING: Slow growing roots, repot every two to four years in Spring, trimming roots only lightly.

PRUNING: Pinch back new growth as necessary. Hard pruning results in prolific back-budding. Wire young wood to shape; old wood is very difficult to bend.

PROPAGATION: Take semi-ripe cuttings from upright leading shoots in late Summer.

PESTS AND DISEASES: Relatively trouble free though all Podocarpus species are especially susceptible to root rot in poor-draining soils.

STYLING: Formal and informal upright styles with single or multiple trunks. Suitable for driftwood features.  Suitable for all sizes.

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