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By Bonsai Artist Harry Harrington.

Bonsai4me was initially launched as a website by its author, bonsai artist Harry Harrington, in October 2001. The website has grown year-on-year over the course of over 22 years, as its reputation for clear, interesting and informative articles has spread throughout the world. With three books now published in hardback, regular appearances in bonsai magazines, as well as bonsai shows and demonstrations across the Europe, Bonsai4me.com has grown into a leading name in Bonsai.

NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON YOUR BONSAI journey, beginner or expert, we can help

Ulmus minor/English Elm bonsai

If you’re new to bonsai, you need to learn the best ways to keep your new trees healthy and vigorous. From root-pruning to repotting, pruning to wiring and basic bonsai design.

a catch-up with this big Cedar forest
BONSAI Species Guides

There are a large number of different species of trees that can be used for bonsai. Here is a list of 100 of the most commonly species, and how best to look after them.

YouTube videos & tutorials

A selection of tutorials and interviews from Harry Harrington, as well Bonsai Show footage, bonsai styling, yamadori-hunting and carving.

Indepth bonsai articles and Progression Series.

September 21, 2022
The bonsai and pottery of Tomas Gramming , Gothenburg, Sweden
March 23, 2023
An article outlining the development of trees in the ground for bonsai.
November 15, 2022
How to build an apex or crown on your bonsai!
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How to repot and rootprune your bonsai. A how-to guide.
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Developing branches for deciduous bonsai.
April 4, 2022
“Meet Alex Hammond…a lovable guy whose passion for Bonsai goes deeper than your average small tree enthusiast.” his superb short film was released a few days ago by the Film Maker Olly Sindle and features Alex…
August 16, 2022
How to repair the snapped branch of a bonsai.
By bonsai artist Harry Harrington.

Harry Harrington is a father of two from Oxford now based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He started bonsai in 1995 and is entirely self-taught. An acclaimed artist specializing in deciduous trees, he also has a reputation for his deadwood carving and as a bonsai teacher.

Books by Harry Harrington have now been read in over 40 different countries around the world and translated into 6 different languages.

The Foundations of Bonsai 2nd Edition


‘The Foundations of Bonsai’ is the ideal book for beginners to intermediate enthusiasts wishing to learn the best ways to keep their trees healthy and vigorous. From root-pruning to repotting, pruning to wiring to basic bonsai design, this book provides complete, straightforward and solid information from the author of Bonsai4me.com. Find out more

Bonsai book Foundations Of Bonsai


Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple bonsai
Crataegus monogyna/Common Hawthorn bonsai
Acer campestre/Field Maple raft bonsai
Small-leaved Lime or Linden bonsai