Vitis/ Grape Bonsai



Vitis/ Grape Bonsai

Vitis is genus of about 65 species of woody, deciduous climbers of which there are many varieties. They have flaking bark and alternate lobed sometimes toothed leaves. Old Grapevines can have fantastic natural deadwood and live-veins.

Frost hardiness is variable and very dependent on individual Vitis species and varieties.


POSITION: Full sun. Research individual varieties for their frost resistance.

FEEDING: Feed every two weeks throughout the growing season.

REPOTTING: Every two or three years in early Spring as buds extend.

PRUNING: Trim new shoots throughout the growing season. Can be hard pruned during late Winter.

PROPAGATION: Take hardwood cuttings in late Winter, ground layer in Autumn. Thick old stumps are known to root from cuttings.

PESTS AND DISEASES: May be affected by powdery mildew. Scale insects and mealy bugs can be a problem.

STYLING: Informal upright forms and cascades in all sizes.

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