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Cosmic Bonsai 2. English version. Hardback

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The second book from books from French bonsai artist Laurent Darrieux who has made a major impact on European bonsai in recent years with his 'Cosmic Bonsai' or 'Burton-style' bonsai.

"We will focus here on what differentiates the Kozumikku style from all of the other Japanese styles of bonsai, such as Moyogi, Netsuranari, Shokan, Chakkan, Ishitsukki, etc. We will also seek to explain the historical reasons which led us to seek an alternative way rather than following the existing styles offered by the Japanese or the Chinese which are culturally related to their history as well as to their respective traditions.

The Kozumikku style is not opposed to tradition, it is a legitimate evolution due to it’s emancipation from existing codes and from a static position of certainty. Kozumikku deliberately departs from the pretense of other styles as it does not set out to recreate a tree growing in a natural state, on the contrary by dominating the plant and overruling it’s natural biological habits, the forms cannot exist in the natural world."

136 pages size 21/29 cm

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