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Lozenge Edge Cutter 6mm. Variable-width grain cutting burr

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These 3.2mm/ 1/8" burrs have a lozenge-shape edge that makes them invaluable for making cutting grain lines of various widths on bonsai deadwood.
The harder you push the burr into the wood, the wider the channel! This makes it possible to taper grain lines with ease, and creates a more natural appearance to your carving.

These are the smaller 6mm cutting heads, will produce more delicate feathering and graining of the wood and are more appropriate than the 10mm bits for small detailed carving.

Made from hardened steel, and originally designed to cut metal, each burr is constructed with a number of teeth mounted onto a 3.2mm/3/32 shank. Fits Dremel carving machines as well as any power tool able to accept this size shank.

So far, I have used my Lozenge Edge Cutter for 5 years and it is still very sharp!

Length: 45mm
Width: 10mm
Depth/Height: 10mm
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