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Oceana Root Boost: Fertiliser and Root Development 5.5-5.5-4.5 5kg

Oce001 5kg
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Oceana Root Boost: Fertiliser and Root Development 5.5-5.5-4.5 5kg

A mild and gentle natural Root hormone to promote growth, helping develop a healthy root system with added elements and minerals. Can be used all year round, especially during re-potting, as it is designed to help eliminate plant stress and improve the soil biosphere.

From the ingredients-list it look like a combination of traditional ingredients with added modern technology!

*Can be applied when repotting to encourage rootgrowth and a healthy soil. No risk of fertiliser burn*

Natural root hormone derived from kelp, vitamin B1 Composition - kelp and seaweed, blood meal, bone meal, rapeseed meal, linseed meal, fish meal, cocoa shell meal.

NPK: 5.5-5.5-4.5

Oceana is a new UK fertiliser brand that has emerged using the experience of someone who works in the hydroponics and agricultural fertiliser industry.
The Oceana brand offers a solid slow-release organic fertiliser pellet that is filled with a number of “extras” that should create a really healthy biosphere in the soil.
I was given a sample of Oceana Rootboost and Oceana Boost a year ago and placed some on the surface of some of my trees. I was shocked at the appearance of mycelium within a few days.

Root boost created a terrific amount of mycelium and fungal growth in the surface of my yamadori, within days of applying it during low temperatures in late February. The prescience of this bacterial and fungal growth within the soil mass is essential for many tree species.

As well as introducing a healthy organic element to your soil, Oceana has the crucial emzymes found in “cannazym” and “Rhizotonic”, that break down old roots and convert them to carbohydrates that the tree can then feed on, as well as aerating old compacted soils.

My personal experience of the product is limited to the samples I received in early spring last year. That the products contain a good selection of NPK every time the tree is watered is without doubt. Whether it created better growth or root development is difficult to tell (as with all types of fertiliser). But a mild, slow-release organic fertilser on your bonsai is widely accepted as essential to the development of your trees and can be augmented with other mild fertilisers over the course of the growing season.

Spread the pellets liberally over the surface of the soil every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season.

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