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ProBio Carbon Spring Bucket for Spring 2024

ProBioBucket 001
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ProBio Carbon Products are available to the UK and EU; products sold by Bonsai4me.com/shop are distributed into the EU from Ireland.

Spring Bucket put together for Bonsai growers: containing approximately 5.8 kg of enriched carbon feed for repotting (biochar made from olive stone), 1 Litre bottle of Mara. 1 Litre bottle of Iasc. 1 X 250mls of Danú and 1 X 250mls of Marú.

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Mara: Cold pressed seaweed from the Atlantic coast of Ireland containing liquid wood biochar and a nitrogen fixing organism, Azotobacter.

Danú Growth Promotor: Beneficial culture containing Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescence and Rhizobia.

Marú Foliar Spray: Beneficial culture as a foliar spray.

Probio carbon - Enriched carbon feed. Biochar made from olive stone and enriched with Bacillus subtilis.

Iasc Nitrogen Feed: Fish hydrolysis enriched with beneficial microbes.

The Spring Bucket is sufficient to maintain a collection of 100-150 trees for an entire growing season.

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