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SOLD Pinus parviflora/Japanese White Pine "Kokonoe" bonsai

JWP U101
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Pinus parviflora/Japanese White Pine "Kokonoe" bonsai from an old bonsai collection. Grafted to a Japanese Black Pine, this tree has a powerful base with a coiling lower trunk. I suspect that the tree has been purchased as an import many years ago and simply allowed to grow as no trees in the collection were wired.

The upper trunk is still pliable enough to be bent downwards and compacted. I think this tree has huge potential. Please write [email protected] if you would like a commission styling before release of the tree.

I reduced the tree by 1/3 in December and would advise no further reduction until new growth has appeared.

The tree has spent many years rootbound in a small pot but has now been newly slip-potted into good quality soil.

As with all bonsai available on the bonsai4me.com/shop, this tree has been treated with Danu from ProBio Carbon to encourage disease resistance and bushier, better distributed growth habit.

Current height of tree 28"/70cm
Planted in a plastic bonsai pot 14"/35cm diameter.

Trunk diameter: 3" above the base.

Price: just £515.00 to customers in the UK only. Please note I cannot export live plants outside the UK. These trees can be secured by 30% deposit. Please e-mail [email protected].

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