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Ulmus minor/English Elm bonsai material

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One of just a few releases of these old Elm this year.
A twisting and turning Ulmus minor/English Elm bonsai, airlayered from an old tall hedgerow in 2021, now very well rooted and vigorous. These trees develop very rapidly and with a basic level of bonsai skill, can become highly ramified bonsai within just 3-4 years.

Planted in a Ibuki akadama/pumice mix and growing very strongly.

The growth seen here has appeared in the past 2 weeks having been cut back hard last Winter. By midsummer (June 2022) will be ready for some initial styling.

Height 19"/48cm
Planted in a 9"/23cm training pot.

Price: just £305 to customers in the UK only. Please note I cannot export live plants outside the UK. These trees can be secured by 30% deposit. Please e-mail [email protected]

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