Bonsai Basics

This section of outlines the basic requirements for successfully keeping bonsai and outlines techniques that should be understood and used on a day to day basis

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Bonsai Introduction a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the art of Bonsai.

A Basic Guide to Pests and Diseases That Affect Bonsai updated August 2015

Starting out with your first bonsai takes you through the basic care of your first bonsai. updated August 2015

Indoor Bonsai Many bonsai need to be kept outside, is your tree suitable for indoor growth and if so, how do you look after it?

Outdoor Bonsai Keeping your bonsai outside in a garden or yard.

A Guide to Watering Bonsai Think that watering your bonsai is straightforward? Think again. Incorrect watering is THE main cause of Bonsai death and disease. Learn to water your tree correctly with this essential reading for beginners. updated August 2015

Watering Bonsai and Rain

Watering Bonsai While On Holiday/Vacation

Bonsai Glossary A glossary of commonly used horticultural and bonsai terms.

Japanese Bonsai Terms A glossary of Japanese Bonsai Terms.

Improving Mallsai: Photo Series A guide to improving the looks and health of shop-bought bonsai.

Fertilising Your Bonsai / Bonsai Feeds How to fertilise and feed your bonsai. updated August 2015

An Introduction to Bonsai Soils Mixing your own soils. Updated January 2015

Cat Litter as Bonsai Soil Need a cheap, easily obtainable, quality bonsai soil and live in the UK? Make sure you read this article! (Article now contains information about many alternative products available around the world) UPDATE MARCH 2016: Tescos stores have re-branded 'Low Dust Lightweight Catlitter'.

Chopped Bark for Bonsai Soil Mixes (UK)

Winter Care Positioning your outdoor tree for the Winter months and protecting against frost. Updated October 2015

Wiring A beginners guide to wiring.

Repairing Snapped or Broken Branches

Propagation How to propagate new trees to add to your collection.

Bare Root Tree Care Purchasing bare-rooted trees to develop as bonsai material? An introduction by A.Bielski

Repotting & Rootpruning - Part I Why repotting is essential, How often and when should a bonsai be repotted?

Repotting & Rootpruning - Part II A photo guide to repotting. Updated February 2015

Repotting & Rootpruning - Part III Bare-rooting a bonsai

When to Repot Your Bonsai Discovering the best time in the Spring to repot your bonsai

Maintenance Pruning - Part I An introduction to pruning your bonsai and understanding Apical Dominance.
Maintenance Pruning - Part II Spring Bud Pinching.

Maintenance Pruning - Part III Scissor Trimming and Finger Pinching.

Timing The importance of timing in Bonsai

Bonsai Myths Part One: Misting Your Bonsai Does watering in Sunlight burn the leaves of your trees? Why is regular misting bad for your trees?

Bonsai Myths Part Two: Overpotting Why overpotting your trees in training will slow their growth.

Bonsai Myths Part Three: Continually Trimming Your Bonsai Why you should let your bonsai grow.
Bonsai Myths Part Four: Lime Sulphur Demystifying Lime Sulphur: A complete guide to its uses.

Styling The basic bonsai forms illustrated and explained.

Hard Pruning Nursery Stock for Bonsai Euonymous alatus Bonsai Progression Series

Bonsai Tools Guide to Bonsai tools.

Protecting Your Bonsai and Garden Against the Wind

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