Coniferous Bonsai Species

Bonsai and Tree Species that typically have needles or scale-leaves. Most retain their leaves all year round, although there are some coniferous species such as Swamp Cypress or Larch that will also lose their leaves during the winter. The technical difference is that coniferous trees all bear cones containing seed.

Ginkgo Maidenhair bonsai

Ginkgo biloba/Maidenhair Tree Bonsai

Genus of one species of deciduous, coniferous tree (gymnosperm) from South China, extinct in the wild but preserved as an ornamental tree particularly in Temple gardens in China and Japan.

Scots Pine bonsai. Styled by Harry Harrington.

Pinus/ Pine Bonsai

Pines are a classic bonsai species in Japan and the world over, they are not however, easy trees to care for and style without experience.

Black Spruce bonsai

Picea/ Spruce Bonsai

Spruce have a reputation for being a difficult species, but getting your timing right for repotting and styling makes it an easy species.

Larch bonsai tree

Larix/Larch Bonsai

Larix/Larch are a very popular species for bonsai, raw material and thick trunks are both relatively easy to obtain.

Tamarisk Bonsai

Tamarix/ Tamarisk Bonsai

Tamarix, like Willow species, can be propagated by placing thick branches or trunks in water for a number of weeks until they take root.