Require frost protection below -5C

These species will require some protection from frost during the Winter.

Olive bonsai by Harry Harrington

Olea/ Olive Bonsai

Olives are surprisingly frost-hardy to lower than -5C. However, they suffer badly if allowed to sit outside in cold, wet conditions and should be protected from excessive rain from October through to April.

Punica granatum Pomegranate bonsai

Punica granatum/ Pomegranate Bonsai

Pomegranates are deciduous trees with brittle branches. They have opposite, narrowly oblong, shiny leaves and showy funnel shaped flowers available in a variety of colours

Grape Bonsai by Harry Harrington

Vitis/ Grape Bonsai

Vitis is genus of about 65 species of woody, deciduous climbers of which there are many varieties. Old Grapevines can have fantastic natural deadwood and live-veins.

Harry Harrington Bonsai4me

Carmona/Fukien Tea Bonsai

In temperate regions the Fukien Tea is not hardy and are considered indoor trees for much of the year. Though easily available at bonsai outlets, the Fukien Tea can be difficult to look after, particularly for beginners.

boxwood bonsai

Buxus species/ Box or Boxwood bonsai

Boxwood have many good characteristics that are useful for bonsai. Dark green leaves that reduce well, naturally short internodes and they can take hard pruning that prompts prolific back budding.

bougainvillea bonsai

Bougainvillea glabra/ Bougainvillea

A strong-growing, evergreen climber with glossy, elliptic mid-deep green leaves. Favoured for white to magenta flowers borne on the ends of new growth from Summer to Autumn in the UK. Frost tender.