Photoseries and Bonsai Progressions

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Large Privet Bonsai Progression Updated June 2017

Olive Semi-Cascade Bonsai Carving And Styling New May 2017

Pyracantha/Firethorn Bonsai Progression Video New May 2017

Thor Holvila Bonsai Potter and Skull Bonsai Pots Video New May 2017

Crab Apple Bonsai Carving and Styling Updated May 2017

Hawthorn Bonsai with Harry Harrington Video New April 2017

Carving a Privet Bonsai with Harry Harrington Video New April 2017

Carving a Hawthorn Bonsai with Harry Harrington Video New April 2017

Carving A Hornbeam Bonsai New April 2017

Olea / Olive Bonsai Re-Styling New January 2017

Privet Bonsai Re-Styling New January 2017

Bonsai Autumn Images 2016 New January 2017

Field Elm 360 Video

Hawthorn 'Twin-Trunk' Progression Series

Bonsai Summer Images 2016

Developing a large Privet Bonsai/Ligustrum ovalifolium Part Two

Bonsai Spring Images 2016

Larch Bonsai Carving and Styling

Bonsai Winter Images 2015-2016

Cherry Bonsai Progression Series

Bonsai Autumn Images 2015

Re-Styling A San Jose Juniper Bonsai

Refining A Hornbeam Bonsai

Bonsai Summer Images 2015

A Dying Juniper Bonsai Part Two: The Re-Styling

Larch Bonsai Styling and Airlayering

Hawthorn Bonsai Progression Series Tracing the development of a collected Hawthorn over 13 years.

Bonsai Spring Images 2015

The Styling of a Huge Privet Bonsai

Privet Multi-Trunk Bonsai

A Dying Juniper Bonsai Discovering Why a Healthy Bonsai Has Begun To Die

Bonsai Autumn Images 2014

English Elm Bonsai in Winter

Carving and Styling a Juniper sabina Bonsai

Stying a Juniper Sabina Literati Bonsai

Collecting and Styling A Carpinus orientalis/ Oriental Hornbeam Bonsai

Privet Bonsai: Carving 3 Trunks Into 1

Bonsai Summer Images 2014

Bonsai Spring Images 2014

Sabina Juniper Bonsai Progression Series

Bonsai Winter and Early Spring Images 2013-2014

Privet Progression Series

Hawthorn 'Informal Broom' Progression Series

Hawthorn Progression Series

Hawthorn Bonsai Progression Series

Collecting Privet/Ligustrum for Bonsai

Chinese Juniper Bonsai Progression

Hawthorn Progression Series Tracing the progression of a Hawthorn semi-cascade bonsai

Cotoneaster Mame Bonsai Progression Series

Common Privet/Ligustrum vulgare Bonsai Raft Progression Series

Elm Raft Bonsai Progression Series

Privet Bonsai Restyling

European Beech Bonsai Progression Series

Chamaecyparis Progression Series Tracing the progression of a Chamaecyparis bonsai

Developing a large Privet Bonsai/Ligustrum ovalifolium Part One

Styling A Common Juniper Bonsai

Heathrow Bonsai Show 4th November 2012

Restyling A San Jose Juniper Bonsai: Restyling the Juniper Bonsai from 'Bonsai Inspirations 2'

Trident Maple Bonsai Progression Series

Spring 2012 Bonsai Images

Building An Oval Bonsai Pot: Guest Article by Vic Harris of Erin Bonsai

Winter 2011-12 Bonsai Images

Autumn 2011 Bonsai Images

Summer 2011 Bonsai Images

Spring 2011 Bonsai Images

Winter 2010-2011 Bonsai Images

Autumn 2010 Bonsai Images

Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple Bonsai Images

Summer 2010 Bonsai Images

Hawthorn Bonsai in Flower Images

Repotting My Privet Bonsai

Collected Beech Bonsai Progression Series and Why You Should Not Chop a Trunk Too Early

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Juniper/Juniperus x pfitzeriana Tanuki Progression Series

Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy' Bonsai Progression Series Guest Article by Lonnie Harkins

Euonymous alatus Bonsai Progression Series/Hard Pruning Nursery Stock for Bonsai

Berberis/Barberry Bonsai Progression Series

Diospyros Bonsai Guest Article by Leo de Leon

Cotoneaster franchetti Bonsai Progression Series

Japanese Maple/Acer palmatum/Mountain Maple Progression Series

Birch Bonsai Progression Series

Slanting Hawthorn Progression series

Hawthorn Bonsai Progression Series

Juniperus x media Progression Series

Fallen Trunk/Raft-Form Hawthorn Bonsai Progression Series

Perovskia atriplicifolia/Russian Sage Bonsai Progression Series A 'Temporary' Bonsai

Styling a Bantulinao Bonsai (Maba buxifolia) Guest article by T.Lim and L. de Leon

Developing A Shohin Bonsai from a seedling/European Hornbeam Progression Series An article illustrating how to develop your own bonsai from a bare-root seedling

Developing a Juniper Shohin/ Juniper Progression Series An article illustrating how to develop your own juniper bonsai from ordinary nursery material

Pinus parviflora/Japanese White Pine Progression Series by T. Riley

Picea glauca var.albertiana/Alberta Spruce Group Planting Styling Series

Old Hawthorn Stump Progression Series

Parthenocissus/Virginia Creeper Progression Series

Fuchsia Progression Series Tracing the progression of a Fuchsia bonsai

A Juniper Story Progression Series by Tim Riley

Lonicera nitida Bonsai Progression Series

Spiraea japonica Bonsai Progression Series

Japanese Larch Bonsai Progression Series

Wisteria Bonsai Progression Series

Hatsuji Kato Demo at the Bonsai Society of Greater Hartford Spring 2005

Kevin Wilson Demo at Ksiaz Castle, Poland 2005

Korean Hornbeam Progression Series

Development of a Collected Hawthorn Guest photo series article by Martin Treasure.

Hostas As Accent Plants Using Dwarf Hostas as Accent Plantings

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