Deciduous Bonsai Species

Bonsai and Tree Species that lose their leaves go dormant during the Winter months.

Harry Harrington Bonsai4me

Deutzia/ Deutzia Bonsai

The main feature of Deutzia are the numerous fragrant white or pink flowers that are borne from mid-Spring to mid-Summer.

fuchsia bonsai

Fuchsia/ Fuchsia Bonsai

Fuchsia are a fast growing deciduous/evergreen shrub that flowers profusely from late Spring onwards.

Ginkgo Maidenhair bonsai

Ginkgo biloba/Maidenhair Tree Bonsai

Genus of one species of deciduous, coniferous tree (gymnosperm) from South China, extinct in the wild but preserved as an ornamental tree particularly in Temple gardens in China and Japan.